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Trial by Lumphanan Community Council?

Dear fellow community council members,

Is it possible for me to have a copy of  the LCC constitution and community councillors handbook and also minutes of meeting/s concerning myself and Lumphanan Forum?

Failing that, an account from some of the members on the details of allegations, which I believe had been proffered by Ian Nicol. It was said Mr Nicol could not defend himself regarding the article on the cctv camera.

The fact is I had told him to his face that he was breaking the law on a few counts.

He then put up a sign which contravened the law on a number of points, on that day I photographed the camera and the signage.

I then posted it on Lumphanan Forum.

Read the article.

If you feel you can be bothered making a comment go ahead…..

If you dont like me, even better!

I invite anybody to register and say their piece or post a picture. Click on reply to comment, then click register.

Regards Eddie.

  10 comments for “Trial by Lumphanan Community Council?

  1. gerd
    January 6, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    Dear Admin,

    How can I submit my own post? I find it very hard to navigate through this forum. This forum is theoretically a good idea, BUT, if it’s just a place for petty arguments and false allegations then maybe it isn’t worth posting at all.

    Look on the bright side focus on more important things in life.

    Happy new year to all.

    Love from Gerd

  2. eddie
    January 8, 2011 at 1:47 am

    Dear Gerd,

    I research or maybe Leigh researches thoroughly whatever article we publish. I personally would not want to make false statements. Petty arguments, I try and avoid them. I agree they might not be worth posting but degrees of pettiness.

    Now could you not apply these opinions or arguments to the community council meetings?

    The advantage of posting things on the Lumphanan Forum is it can be analysed, examined, discussed ….
    A Lumphanan Comunity Council meeting, on the other hand if their are insuficient minutes taken, false statements and petty arguments made against an individual who is not present. Where is the accountability there then……

  3. KnottyDotty
    January 17, 2011 at 3:04 am

    As a member of the wider community viewing this I have the following


    1) The WordPress script software operating on this site does not

    function as a forum. Instead it functions as a Blog. A Blog and a

    Forum are NOT the same.


    I’m surprised that the admin of this site is not aware of this ‘fact’, given that ‘she’ is ‘allegedly’ qualified in computer related sciences. A fact ‘she’ is only too keen to point out in ALL her correspondence, where a genuine intellectually adept BSc would only
    use it to add weight to technical documentation and computer related articles.

    Indeed I suspect it was ‘she’ and not ‘Eddie’ as claimed who posted this post as I personally witnessed who ‘challenged’ Mr Nicol regarding his ‘legal’ and ‘approved’ use of CCTV. ‘She’ was at the
    same time ‘illegally’ breaching Mr. Nicol’s privacy by using a video/audio recording device to record Mr. Nicol’s actions whilst he was on his own property and without his permission or prior knowledge. He was not in a public space and thus he can, and I believe is, preparing a civil case against ‘she’. Go for it Ian! Take your time and make sure you get it right. They deserve everything they get.

    2) The site is clearly used specifically by the administrator/s to harass and intimidate other community members and does not in any way
    reflect the true beliefs or opinions of the community as a whole. It therefore brings the village/community as a whole into disrepute in the eyes of the rest of the world. Nobody in the community, except you
    the admin maybe, wants the community to be seen in this light. Prior to this post it was impossible for any community member to post any comments to the sometimes bitchy and derogatory remarks made about others. A fact that has been duly noted.

    This site, being administered in the manner in which it is, constitutes anti-social behavior and the community council can, and has a duty to bring this to the attention of the County Council so that further action may be taken.

    As a part of this process, the administrator/s of this site is/are therefore hereby formally requested to either place a proper forum in place of this blog, or place an official disclaimer on the header that clearly
    states that “The views and opinions expressed in the posts on this site are those of the site owner and are in no way reflect the accurate views and opinions of the community of Lumphanan”.

    You are requested to remove the “The Lumphanan website for the Lumphanan Folk” slogan from any and all parts of the site.

    You are to refrain from continuing the defamatory remarks towards other members of the Lumphanan or wider Community with or without whom you have a grudge to bear.

    The site has been archived “as-is” for the purposes of evidence using webcite. Any further amendments and posts will also be archived. Careful administration hereforth may then lean in favour of the administrator/s.

    3) Whilst attending the community council meeting, Mr Nicol made absolutely no allegations in relation to members of the council or community. He did however point out that the ‘Administrator/s’ of
    lumphananforum.co.uk were using their website to make defamatory remarks about himself and others within the local and wider community that were obviously intended to be intimidating and/or inflammatory or, at the very least, profoundly provocative without required supply of facilities through which the affected parties could make comment or reply. His actions were of concern for the community, because he believed the views posted were not the views of the people of Lumphanan and thus the site carrying the slogan “The Lumphanan website
    for the Lumphanan Folk” and the content type, may be of some considerable concern to the community as a whole. He acted with little or no thought for himself, unlike the website admin.

    4) in response to the sentence “If you dont like me, even better!”

    You’re right, we don’t like you! I am sure I can speak for the rest of the community here. In fact the community can barely tolerate you.

    You are unreasonable, confrontational, greedy, thoughtless a and above all, a bully. Most people have more to live for than to constantly and consistently bother their neighbours. You seem to think you are in
    some way better than the rest of us and can get away with anything. I personally suspect that you even manufactured the situation during which you assaulted Mr. Nicol to his injury, and for which Mr. Nicol unjustly received a charge of Breach of the Peace. How you can hold your heads up given that the same situation probably caused the untimely demise of Mrs. McKenna, a very nice lady by all accounts, beggars the belief of normal, reasonable people. Of course we don’t
    like you!

    5) Being clearly of unsound mind I doubt it has ever occurred to you that the reason you never get on with your neighbours is because of your own attitudes toward them. You seem to think you have the money (though god knows how!) to purchase the MacBeth Arms, so quite why you don’t do us all a favour by selling all your Lumphanan interests and moving to a nice, isolated home in the country is quite inexplicable to the community. You obviously don’t like Lumphanan or any one in it.

    • admin
      December 23, 2013 at 6:08 pm

      In response to your comments:

      1.) You have been permitted to post your anti-social comments, using an alias, and your Mum’s email address.

      Your approved and legal usage of the CCTV Cameras, is only approved, and legal in your mind.

      In-fact, I believe our daughter’s privacy has been breached, on more than one occasion – one occasion, was just recently, in a public place.

      2.) It is good that you have archived the site, then you’ll be able to show what a nasty person you are, what you said, and said recently, about the Late Mrs McKenna is unforgivable.

      3.) On not one occasion, have we been asked to take any comments down, as they were deemed defamatory.

      4.) If when talking about the community, you mean the children and adults that have bullied our children, or the adults that have attacked us, bullied us, or colluded against us – to take what doesn’t belong to them, whether they can tolerate us, or not, is not even relevant.

      5.) It is clearly not us, that is of unsound mind.

  4. HennyPenny
    January 20, 2011 at 8:30 am

    I am also am a member of the Lumphanan Community and up to now have only periodically logged onto this so called ‘Forum’ to see who the Administrators are having a ‘go at’.

    I agree that this Forum/Blog does not give a true reflection of the Village or its Community. This Community has been really angry with Leigh and Eddie, and we believe this Forum site to be their personal site (we actually have been calling it the Eddie and Leigh show.

    I also agree that Leigh and Eddie have become the focal point in the village, as we all live looking over our shoulders, and hoping that we are not their next targets of hate. They have fixated on many of us over the years, driven to causing trouble and eventually, and are regularly using the Police and Law.

    Please note that the Community have had enough, and are no longer willing to accepting this behaviour. No more are we willing to be harassed, threatened, bullied.

    I agree with all the above comments stated against the Administrators of this Forum, and also wish that these people would just move away. They would be more suited to living in isolation, as far away from any community.
    They could then happy drive tractors and JCVs, make a mess of the surrounding land, fireraise and not bother anyone.

    They do think they rule the village, are better then everyone else, but are very obviously not. They have told people they are are purchasing the McBeth Arms, they also in the past told us they were purchasing a pub in Tarland. They have told people of the grand design of a huge house overlooking the whole village up on a waste piece of ground under the church. Where are all the funding for this going to come from, surely not the cash in hand jobs?

    Enough is enough, Eddie and Leigh. The majority of this Community dislike even hate you, and are also watching everything you do.

    Please sell up and leave us all alone.

    • eddie
      June 18, 2011 at 6:47 pm

      Nice to hear from you Henny Penny. I am sorry that you seem to be upset with things as you are and you are obviousely bitter and twisted if I may say.
      Who is it you think the Administrators are having a go at, that you have to keep looking over your shoulder (it’s maybe something youve done, somebody you have had a ‘go at’, somebody that has been your ‘target of hate’, somebody that you have ‘harassed, threatened and bullied’! mmmm.
      I do admit to driving a tractor but not a JVC. I do own a JCB silly. I dont know what surounding land to which you refer that I make a mess of.
      Fireraising? I take it you mean on the few occassions where I have been burning mainly garden waste, which I am entitled to do. In fact the 4 occasions where the fire tender turned up, siren on blue light flashing. What a waste of resources.

      As for the rest of this drivel you are coming out with I wonder if you are even an adult you are ill informed. I dont know what people you have been talking to. I think you have been listening to your imaginery friends.


      more to follow.

  5. eddie
    January 20, 2011 at 11:50 am

    received as date shown:-

    —– Original Message —–
    From: ian nicol
    To: Eddie Donald
    Cc: Alex Davie ; Brian Cruickshank ; Gerd Ubelhor ; Claudia Van Zuiden ; Jane Jeffries ; Jim Sugden ; Colin Smith ; Kenny Bain ; Trevor Moore ; ccRosemary Bruce ; Peter Argyle ; info@lumphananforum.co.uk
    Sent: Friday, January 07, 2011 8:53 PM
    Subject: Re: trial by community council?


    To respond to your recent e-mail to everyone regarding the article posted on the Lumphanan Forum and the allegations that I have “contravened the law on a number of points”.

    The attacks on my person and character by you have been numerous. Your misguided theatrics over the last 6 months have strengthened my resolve to ignore you and deal formally with your spurious claims through the authorities concerned. I have refused to reply to your inflammatory actions, because I feel that it is unwise to feed trolls. Yet you persist with your accusatory antics and self-serving “facts”.

    For the benefit of the other members in receipt of the original e-mail, I would like to clarify some points.

    · In the matter of the CCTV cameras:

    o The request by Mrs Ross to monitor her land was that of favour to a friend and former neighbour. She did not employ me in any contractual sense and no remuneration was offered or sought. I acted as a private individual NOT as a representative of PC-Support-IT. Never –the-less an informal agreement to protect us both was drawn up.

    o As a private individual, “The use of cameras for limited household purposes is exempt from the DPA. This applies where an individual uses CCTV to protect their home from burglary, even if the camera overlooks the street or other areas near their home” (Excerpt from the CCTV code of practice, page 3). It was my private property and that of Mrs Ross that required the protection of the CCTV.

    In regard to the matters of your online posts (relating to myself professionally or personally), the attacks on my person and the damages to my property; these are in the hands of my solicitors.

    This will be my only communication directly to you in these matters. All other responses will be, as mentioned previously, channelled through the concerned authorities and my solicitor.


    Ian Nicol

    • eddie
      February 1, 2011 at 7:18 pm

      Thank you for removing offending cctv camera.
      As a matter of interest when you put up your sign, that morning at 9.00 am the property had been transfered to another party.
      So whose property did you think you were protecting?

  6. I.M.A.Coward
    February 21, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    Ooooh, lets all sign up with aliases and slag of the Administrators.

  7. feelloon
    March 26, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    I can understand the need for aliases,there are some real unhinged individuals out there.nice historical pieces though.

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